Match Today: Juventus vs Maccabi Haifa 11-10-2022 UEFA Champions League

Juventus will be keen to achieve the double over Maccabi Haifa when it heads to the fourth round of the Champions League group stages.

Italian giants Juventus fell out of the Champions League after their 3-1 victory over Maccabi Haifa last week. While he kept their hopes of qualifying for the Round of 16 alive, the performance was by no means one-sided.

The scoring greatly tempted the Bianconeri as Maccabi Haifa suspended and hit the crossbar twice late. One could argue that Juventus were holding on rather than seeing a team they were expected to comfortably beat at home.

Sami Ofer Stadium will rebound on Tuesday as Maccabi Haifa tries to keep their hopes of European football going this season, they will realize that a fourth consecutive loss will surely knock them down to third place, putting them in the bottom position. Maccabi Haifa, to his credit, has shown his fight this season and gave Juventus, Benfica and Paris Saint-Germain are enough reasons for concern. Of the three, Juventus is the most vulnerable team and has yet to start this season.

Juventus vs Maccabi Haifa

Massimiliano Allegri had hoped that victory over Maccabi Haifa last week would be a shot in the arm of his team. Unfortunately, it wasn't because Milan had them collapsing to the ground at the weekend.

The Bianconeri hope to respond positively, and a win in Sami Ofer will do the trick. The tough tackle examines how the two sides might line up at night and what tactics they might use. Maccabi Haifa showed a lot of courage and took the match to the other sides of the group.

Unfortunately, luck and that small gap in quality has led them to fall short on all three occasions. Omar Atseli and Dean David were fantastic in Turin and could make an argument to start the match on Tuesday.

Barak Bokhar will be absent from Mahmoud Jaber and Wassouf Podgorino, both of whom are injured. Massimiliano Allegri suffered from a volatile season that failed to gather any momentum. Losing to AC Milan at the weekend was another wake-up call for the Bianconeri

Maccabi Haifa vs Juventus

Maccabi Haifa has lost all three of its meetings with Juventus so far.

A win that night would see Maccabi Haifa become the fourth team to lose four consecutive defeats to Juventus in the Champions League, and Maccabi Haifa scored 20 shots against Juventus last week in Turin.

This is only the second time since 2003-04 that the away team has scored 20 or more shots in the Champions League. The loss on that night would see Maccabi Haifa become the third team to suffer 10 or more consecutive defeats in the Champions League.

Juventus have failed to keep a clean sheet in their last five Champions League games, it's their longest non-stop streak since 2013/2014 They battled for the win over Maccabi Haifa last week and are hoping luck will light their way in Tuesday's second leg. Doing the double on the Israelis will keep their hopes of qualifying for the Round of 16 alive.

Paul Pogba and Federico Chiesa are still out of the match, and it will be some time before the duo can get back to work. Mattia de Sciglio is also likely to come out, as Alex Sandro is set to start from the left. In the meantime, Juventus are likely to start with a 3-5-2 formation in this meeting.