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Mikey Garcia vs Jessie Vargas

Watch Now : Mikey Garcia vs Jessie Vargas Live stream

Watch Now : Mikey Garcia vs Jessie Vargas Live stream

In anticipation of the event of high weights under the title of 4-team world champion Micky Garcia against environment champion Jesse Vargas, the fighters dealt with the media in a push conference to explore their preparations and expectations before they came to the ring on Saturday evening. – I live in DAZN.

The stacked Matchroom Boxing United States card with Joseph Parker who fights Shundel Winters will kick off in a heavyweight fit, and Julio Cesar Martínez Aguilar will defend the WBC Planet Flyweight title against the undefeated Jay Harris, and in the major support competition Khaled hints Yafai to defend his title in Weight Global super fly WBA Entire against former pound king Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzales.

DAZN coverage starts at 6:00 pm. ET / 5 pm CT, with the main card starting at 8 pm. ET / 7 pm CT.

Eddie Hearn

“I am delighted to be in this article before a brutal evening of boxing. We only have one of the finest boxing nights we have set up from above and from the base. Many great battles, championship fights, and the most important event in Garcia against Vargas.

“The heavyweight department is very good and it’s great to bring back Joseph Parker again. He finished second in WBO, has a tough opponent in Shawndell Winters, and I’m looking forward to 2020 to regain the ecological title. We have someone of my favorite fighters in Martinez – he’s an animal. I consider it could be a Mexican legend in this activity. Our main common party is Khaled and Gonzales – a discussion about good fighters. Gonzales is a legend in boxing. I simply cannot imagine that I would see him live on my own. If Roman could get a title Further, this will be historic.

The main celebration is amazing. The closer we get to that, I have seen this remain a complete war, a Mexican war. These two are the credit score for this activity, and this is these types of incredible conflict. This is probably a great time at night and a good night for boxing. “

Micky Garcia

“This is the start of working with each other with DAZN and it was great. This is a huge card, a card stacked with whole world championship fights. I’ve been listed here to perform one factor and beat the show clearly – there’s an extra ton for Mikey Garcia. I’m going to check all my Technologies and being a competitor in the overweight department. We landed on Vargas for the reason that it’s overweight, good job, huge scaling, and has a crest. It’s all the things people tell me that I shouldn’t fight, but I’m going to do my best to fight this fight. Jesse Vargas, which will allow me to view all my experience. I really do not want easy battles. This will be a great competition. Zera fact Jesse warrior. You will force me to get my best.

“Jesse is a great character, but inside the ring we are competitors. He has come to drive me out, and I’m trying to do something like that, but that will make her an unforgettable night. Listen to DAZN, the fireworks will be all evening. We’re going to complete it with a bang and Jesse and me. There’s a lot One of the good things for Micky Garcia. “

Jesse Vargas

“We have a big night ahead of Garcia. I am very much ready. I have trained incredibly difficult in the previous two months. It is the best educational camp I have faced until today. I know what is up front of me and I know the opportunity at my entrance. I have practiced my ass for two months, And follow the sporty approach. It never looked so good in the ring. I feel great, and I know Mickey is a great fighter. The moment of the bell ringing is the time to fight. I plan to offer great competence so that I admit that I am the best in the division. This is not an easy battle, but from Maybe I can find it. I have done my homework. Mickey is a great fighter and has looked at some of his past fights.

“I am content to be made up of this job. Start early in this struggle, and engage with DAZN for a great night of action-packed battles. We’re going to finish it with a bang.”

Khaled Yafei

“I am looking forward to the Romanian language, so it is difficult to fight it. I am in its greatest form, I have not been embarrassed of any stone. I will give him all the things I can do. Looking forward to a big fight on Saturday night. Really do not overdo it it will be a huge battle.”

Roman Gonzales

“I am in the perfect cause for this fight. We will look at the edge of this possibility. There is no younger man or woman in this fight, everyone is so excellent. I look blessed to win it. Thank you and I hope this boxing activity will be a sight for everyone.”

Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar

“I’m very excited on Saturday, and I’m fighting. We might win.”


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